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Violet Toning Kit

Violet Toning Kit


3 Piece Violet Toning Essentials for Blonde Hair - Shampoo 280ml, Conditioner Cream 250ml, Intensive Moisturizing Cream 250ml for Advanced Hydration and Repair - Professional Trivitt by Itallian Hairtech

  • Product Information

    • TONES BLONDE HAIR: Let your highlights shine through! Restore the platinum shine in blonde, bleached or silver hair. A purple toning pigment helps neutralize brass and yellow tones in blonde hair. It helps enhance cool tones brighten color.


    • GENTLY CLEANSES & REFRESHES: Say goodbye to hair that’s fried! Clean your hair without stripping it of healthy oils. This hair product was exclusively developed for the maintenance of blond hair, chemically treated hair and dyed hair.


    • ANTI-OXIDANT PROTECTION: This unique formula contains active ingredients that work to protect luminous and grayish blond hair. Along with that it protects against water minerals and sun damage that cause discoloration in hair strands.


    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: With natural plant-based oils and ingredients like vegetable complex extracted from lavender, rosemary and violet you can count on nutrient-rich ingredients to fortify your hair with healthy vitamins and minerals.


    • SALON QUALITY: The Professional Trivitt’s line of hair products are developed with special ingredients and anti-oxidants that help neutralize vibrancy and color in blonde hair. This line repairs, nourishes and neutralizes hair that has been dyed.

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