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Trivitt - Powder Molder

Trivitt - Powder Molder


10g (0.35oz)


Ideal for those looking to fix a hairstyle with a more natural appearance and with a "messy" effect, fulfilling three functions: Molding, increasing the volume, and disguising the oiliness of your hair.


Styling: The Trivitt Style Powder Molder provides light and gradual fixation, without leaving the hair looking heavy. It is perfect for making hairstyles on short and medium hair, and one of the best ways to maintain wave effects.


Give Volume: The Trivitt texturizer formula contains polymers that give body to each hair. Perfect for those with thinning hair, very thin strands or curls and hair with undefined undulations. The perception of the volume gain happens immediately after the application of the product.


Matte Effect: As it absorbs the oiliness of each hair, its application is practically imperceptible, promoting the matte effect.

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