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Extreme UP Hair Clinic

Extreme UP Hair Clinic


Developed with state of the art active ingredients, allows instant rescue and restoration of hair structure. Compatible with the most different chemical processes, Extreme-UP is the perfect solution for presenting long-lasting results quickly and efficiently.


Itallian Extreme Up Hair Clinic is a kit for damaged hair with three steps for hair regeneration and protection. Restructures the internal and external part of the hair that has been damaged by chemical processes, restores elasticity, resistance and hydration, besides promoting sealing of cuticles for a protected hair, with shine and intense smoothness.



1 Instant Regenerating Itallian Extreme Up 1 230ml (7.78 fl.oz)
1 Intensive Nourishing Itallian Extreme Up 2 230ml (7.78 fl.oz)
1 Keratin Crystal Itallian Extreme Up 3 230ml (7.78 fl.oz)

  • Extreme UP 1

    An instant regenerating for damaged hair that restores mass, brings resistance and elasticity back and protects from oxidation. Rescues elasticity of hair after chemical processes and other daily aggressions with hair reconstruction and sealing of cuticles, by recovering protein and pH re-balance, besides restoring hydration, shine and easy to brush.

  • Extreme UP 2

    An intensive nourishing for hair damaged by chemical processes and daily aggressions that restores hydration and resistance to hair with shine and smoothness. Restores and regenerates hair fiber with conditioning and moisturizing action that enhances brushing with alignment of hair and leaves hair frizz-free, conditioned, smooth and shiner.

  • Extreme UP 3

    a conditioner with crystal keratin that seals cuticles of damaged hair by chemical processes and other aggressions, and leaves hair brilliant, restored and conditioned. Restores hydration and enhances damaged hair, in addition to re-balance pH of hair, so that cuticles are closed again and aligned for a frizz-free hair, easy to brush and brilliant shine.

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