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How to avoid yellow and orange tones in blond hair

All colored or bleached hair undergoes a natural oxidation process, which can often result in unwanted tones.If you have blonde hair that has turns brassy or orange, we have selected some tips to help you prevent this type of problem!

Use a a product line specializing in blond hair!

Trivitt Violet Toning is a line that mixes gray and violet pigments, suitable for neutralizing brassy tones, in addition to promoting hydration of the hair.

Avoid the excessive use of a straightener

The high temperature makes the hair oxide more easily. Before using the blow dryer or hair straightener it is always recommended to use thermal protectors to protect your hair from that damage.

Avoid using products with warm colors, such as orange, yellow, etc.

In the same way that toning products deposit pigments in blond hair cuticles, products that contain warm colors also deposit their pigments on hair as we use them. Make sure your products are for blond hair, to maintain that nice platinum pigmentation, keeping you an absolute BLONDIE.

Here is a suggestion of a personalized kit for blond hair:

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